Our Shipping Policy

Our Shipping Policy

We offer no free shipping here at Dare to Begin with the exception that on occasion our supplier will offer it to our customers.  Every order has a shipping fee and part of our curation process in the products we offer every month is to maximize the effectiveness of shipping while keeping the shipping fees more cost effective.

The Big Why

Why do we not offer free shipping?

The truth is 'free shipping' is simply a marketing tactic.  Nothing ships for free in this world.  Don't believe us?  Next time you have a package delivered, ask the delivery person if they work for free.  Ask yourself if the truck they drive runs for free.  Think about the workers creating the boxes and packing materials your products arrive in - do they work for free?

My dad owns a freight company.  I've seen more products and materials shipped through his yard than I could possibly imagine.  He employs several people, office staff, mechanical staff and drivers.  When he moves freight, the income from those loads allows him to pay his employees fairly and allows him the opportunity to grow his business.

At the same time, those employees can take care of their families, buy things and experiences they're excited about, keep the money flowing in the economy.

At Dare to Begin we value all these people.  We value the materials that are used to package and protect your items so they arrive in good order at your door.  Because we value them, we ask that you value them as well 💙

When you see the shipping fee on your order, we encourage you to think about all the people that are positively affected through that rate.  Let's send some gratitude their way.

And who knows?  That delivery driver may just be your next customer.